Embankment Stabilisation

Specialist Embankment, Tunnel & Rock Stabilisation Solutions

Van Elle has significant experience in the design and installation of soil nails, ground anchors, tie rods, rock bolts and netting solutions. With specialist, highly-trained teams working on highway and rail projects across the UK, no other company can deliver the variety and quality of stabilisation solutions using hi-tech on and off-track plant.

We offer temporary and permanent strand and self-drilling anchors and we have vast experience with single or multi-strand Double Corrosion Protection (DCP) and solid bar anchors as well as many types of soil nail installations including, but not limited to, hollow bar self-drilling and solid bar.

We can also provide the same services installed using our specialist abseiling team.

Contact Information

Director: Ashley Gierth
Email: ashley.gierth@van-elle.co.uk
Call: +44 (0)1773 580580

Plant & Equipment

Colmar T10,000FSCG Specialist Rail Crane
Colmar T12,000FS RRVs
Colmar T10,000FS RRVs
Colmar T10,000FST Tracked RRVs

Specialist Kit & Products

Van Elle Rail Unique SPIRIT Mast
Van Elle Rail Unique VESPA Mast
Van Elle Rail Unique Smartbase Foundations
Movax SG50V Side-Grip Vibratory Pile Hammers
Movax SG60V Side-Grip Vibratory Pile Hammers
Movax SG65V Side-Grip Vibratory Pile Hammers
Daedong Side-Grip Vibratory Pile Hammers
BSP DXRT25 Accelerated Impact Hammers
BSP DXRT30 Accelerated Impact Hammers
Movax TAD30S Auger Attachment
State of the Art Trailers

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