Rail Drainage & Civil Engineering

Rail Drainage & Civil Engineering Services

As the UK's largest and most capable on & off-track ground engineering contractor, Van Elle Rail is often involved in the UK's most complex geotechnical projects, many of which also require significant dranage & civil engineering works to be undertaken.

An impressive fleet of state-of-the-art rail plant, highly skilled competent personnel and the support of one of the UK's most experienced specialist Groups means Van Elle Rail delivers whatever your project's requirements and sets the bar for others to aspire to.

Our rail drainage & civil engineering services include, but are not limited to:

Van Elle Rail's specialist fleet includes Colmar's T10,000FS, T10,000FST, T12,000FS & T10,000FSCG rail cranes providing reliability, power, safety and versatility for all requirements. The on-track rail cranes also enable us to lift and place OLE masts, signal stanchions, footbridges and gantries through single or tandem lifting as well as providing the piling and foundations prior.

If there are more specialist or support services not shown above or on the rest of this website, please contact Ashley Gierth to discuss further.

Contact Information

Director: Ashley Gierth
Email: ashley.gierth@van-elle.co.uk
Call: +44 (0)1773 580580

Plant & Equipment

Colmar T10,000FSCG Specialist Rail Crane
Colmar T12,000FS RRVs
Colmar T10,000FS RRVs
Colmar T10,000FST Tracked RRVs

Specialist Kit & Products

Van Elle Rail Unique SPIRIT Mast
Van Elle Rail Unique VESPA Mast
Van Elle Rail Unique Smartbase Foundations
Movax SG50V Side-Grip Vibratory Pile Hammers
Movax SG60V Side-Grip Vibratory Pile Hammers
Movax SG65V Side-Grip Vibratory Pile Hammers
Daedong Side-Grip Vibratory Pile Hammers
BSP DXRT25 Accelerated Impact Hammers
BSP DXRT30 Accelerated Impact Hammers
Movax TAD30S Auger Attachment
State of the Art Trailers

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